Thank you for your tremendous support!

November 14, 2006

Dear Friend:

As election returns rolled in on Tuesday night, it became apparent that, though our race was close, it had not turned out in our favor.

Nonetheless, I am proud of the race we ran and extraordinarily grateful for your support in this endeavor. We received more than 5,000 votes against a well known and well liked incumbent. In Charlestown , one of the two towns in the district, I went from being virtually unknown to winning by nearly twenty percentage points. 

On Wednesday, The Westerly Sun read:

“Algiere, 46, a seven-term Republican incumbent, spent thousands of dollars in an advertising blitz, something the senator has rarely needed to do as he has run unopposed for more than a decade. But this time out he was challenged by a political newcomer who may have stolen some local political hearts and minds.”

We energized and mobilized scores of new voters, bringing many into the political process for the very first time. One senior citizen spent many hours knocking on doors in her precinct. One young woman spent much of election day holding a sign at a polling place, even though election day was also her eighteenth birthday.  My grandparents sat in lawn chairs and held yard signs at one polling location, where many voters stopped to say that they had never seen a campaign that worked this hard and generated this much excitement.

I know that we could not have worked harder. I also know that we could not have made these strides without you. Your support, your encouragement and your excitement was the driving force behind this campaign.

Know that this campaign was indeed a success.  Know also that our fight is far from over.  The issues we discussed over the last five months—affordable health care, quality jobs and access to higher education for our young people, protection of our environment from pollution and over-development—are still critical, both in Westerly and Charlestown and throughout the United States . They will require our attention and effort in the years ahead.

Thank you once more for all that you do. I look forward to working with you again soon to give our community the much needed change it deserves.

With Gratitude,

Patrick W. Schmitt

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